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NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

In 1984 Joyce was appointed to serve on the Executive Staff of the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles by Governor Mario M. Cuomo. As the Department’s Legislative Liaison, she worked on the passage of alcohol related legislation, including raising the purchase age for alcoholic beverages to 21, increasing the fines for DWI, and other highway safety initiatives. She directed the Governors Athletes and Stars against Drunk Driving campaign in NYS. Under the Leadership of DMV Commissioner Patty Adduci, she became the Department’s Quality Management Executive. Mentored by the Vice President of Eastman Kodak, the DMV became a leader in the Reinventing Government initiative. As a result, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and the Presidents of CSEA and PEF signed a union partnership agreement to transform the agency using the tools of Total Quality Management.

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